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, it may be that they are tired. distracted, we have all gone through security, whether the tsa or a stadium. i go through a stadium. i mean, it's a huge target. they barely check your bank. they let you bring less and less income will you bring in, the pad down is basic. even if they're is a learning curve i tend to adjust the machine more. am i wrong? >> i would tend to part company with you. my first point would be one not both. melissa: with a polite way to disagree. >> there is more that came from. the thing is, what about weapons that are not house in traditional bodies. for instance, knives that are belt buckles, handguns that us here at letters, that machine will not learn that in kelp -- until it encounters that anomaly. melissa: when the human misestimated? >> i've not think so. properly trained personnel who are nosey and inquisitive and thorough -- in on the same alar, a properly trained personnel will identify that. why not both? melissa: but the other problem. you were busy writing. what else bothered you? >> i was writing down nice way to disagree with you. trick
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)